Examinations Office for Mathematics

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Mathematics Examination Office

Postal address: Mathematisches Institut
Ernst-Zermelo-Strasse 1
79104 Freiburg im Breisgau
Administration office: Anne Caffier, Esther Di Nunzio, Ramona Rabe
Room: Ernst-Zermelo-Strasse 1, Room 333
Phone: +49 761 203-5576
E-mail: pruefungsamt@math.uni-freiburg.de
Office hours: Monday 14–16 h, Tuesday and Thursday 10–12 h
During consultation hours we are not always available by phone. You can also send us an e-mail with your request. We will answer your e-mail as soon as possible.
Director: Prof. Dr. Angelika Rohde
Room: Ernst-Zermelo-Strasse 1, Room 240
Consultation hours: By appointment by e-mail
Particularly during the lecture-free period, consultation hours are held irregularly. The date of the next consultation hour is posted at the examination office. You can also inquire by e-mail to the examination office about the next office hour.
Advice: Dr. Markus Junker
Room: Ernst-Zermelo-Strasse 1, Room 312
Phone: +49 761 203-5537
E-mail: studienberatung@math.uni-freiburg.de
Consultation hours: Please see my personal homepage.
For additional advising services, especially centralized university contact points, have a look on the webpage of the Academic Advisory Service Mathematics.

Subject Examination Committees ("Fachprüfungsausschüsse")

Chairperson: Prof. Dr. Angelika Rohde
Room: Ernst-Zermelo-Strasse 1, Room 240
Phone: +49 761 203-5574
E-Mail: pruefungsamt@math.uni-freiburg.de
Consultation hours: Thursday 1 – 2 pm
Deputy: Prof. Dr. Heike Mildenberger
Room: Ernst-Zermelo-Strasse 1, Room 240
Phone: +49 761 203-5574
e-Mail: pruefungsamt@math.uni-freiburg.de
Consultation hours: by appointment

Forms and fact sheets

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Study documents

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Exam registration

Who is in charge of what?

Transcripts of records, certificates for the BAFöG office and the like can be asked for by e-mail to the examination office, or during the office hours of the examination office. The documents will then be sent by mail after signature or are available for collection during opening hours.

— Credit recognition: Prof. Dr. Angelika Rohde
— for M.Ed.: Dr. Ernst August v. Hammerstein
— General consultation, including examination matters: Dr. Markus Junker
— Specialisation in financial mathematics: Dr. Ernst August v. Hammerstein
— BAföG certificates: Prof. Dr. Angelika Rohde
— Advising certificate for students changing degree programmes: Dr. Markus Junker
also: Dr. Ernst August v. Hammerstein
— Credit recognition crtificate for enrolment in higher semester: Prof. Dr. Angelika Rohde
— Disadvantage compensation: Prof. Dr. Angelika Rohde
Application for degree programmes (not a matter of the examination office!)
— M.Ed. from outside Freiburg: Dr. Ernst August v. Hammerstein
— M.Sc.: PD Dr. Markus Junker
— other degree programmes: Central Academic Advisory Service
Enrolment / De-registration: Registration office

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