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Offers for prospective students

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Open House:
Every year in November (usually on the Day of Prayer and Repentance), the University holds its Open Day. On this day prospective students get a presentation of the courses offered, the opportunity to get a taste of a first-semester lecture, and the chance to talk to students.

The current program of all subjects and the central information events can be found on the pages of the University's Central Student Advisory Service.

Startseite OSA OSA Mathematics:
The "Online Study Choice Assistant" (OSA) offers

  • Information on mathematics degree programs,
  • videos with students, lecturers and advisors,
  • an expectation matcher
  • and a few tasks that you don't have to be able to solve, but which you can use to test whether you would enjoy tackling them and understanding the solution.

The Institute of Mathematicse organizes once a year, usually in September or October, the „Freiburger Mathematik-Tag“ (Freiburg Mathematics Day) a one or two-day program for students in grades 10 to 13, who enjoy puzzling over problems and solving them, who like to deal with mathematics, or who perhaps want to study mathematics or a natural science one day.

Trial course of study in natural science and technology:
The "Trial course of study in Science and Technology" for students in grades 10 to 13 takes place annually in the spring. It offers an insight into the subjects Chemistry, Embedded Systems Engineering, Earth Sciences, Computer Science, Mathematics, Microsystems Engineering and Physics.

Unfortunately, the offer had to be cancelled during the Corona period; we hope for a new start in 2023!

Accompaniment of a mathematics student for one day:
In order to give students the opportunity to experience the daily routine of studying in advance, we offer to take you to our events and everything else for one day. The lectures in the first semester are the best time to get a taste of what it's like, so a date in October/November is ideal. But we are also happy to give you an insight into our studies at other times. If you are interested, please contact the mathematics department.

Cooperation with schools:
Students or lecturers of mathematics are happy to come to schools to present the study programs or something from mathematics. If you are interested in a visit by students, please contact the mathematics student council. And if you are interested in a visit by a lecturer or a study advisor, please contact the study program coordinator.

Freiburg Seminar:
The Freiburg-Seminar promotes particularly qualified and interested students in the in the administrative district of Freiburg and, in special cases, enables them to study at school.

Study opportunities

Startseite OSA

Scientific studies with degree:

Pupil Studies:
Particularly gifted students may be able to take part in mathematics courses while still at school. Mathematics courses while still at school. This is organized by the „Freiburg Seminar“.

Guest auditor-Studies:
Interested personss can enroll as a guest student for a small fee. They participate in mathematics lectures and exercises and possibly also seminars. Which courses are suitable depends very much on the mathematical background. If you are interested, please contact the general student advisory service of the Institute of Mathematics.


YouTube channels:

Videos on our focus areas:

Math songs (to prepare for an exam in summer 2020, via YouTube):

Videos about the university and the study programs:

Continuing education / Offers for the public

Guest auditor-Studies:

  • See under "Study Opportunities".

Scientific lectures:

Didactic Seminar:
The didactic seminar takes place during the lecture period regularly every two weeks on Tuesdays during the lecture period and is aimed at teachers, students and all those who are interested in the topic of mathematics in schools.

Mathematics in Public:

Alumni/Alumnae Day and Summer Party
Annually, usually at the beginning of July in the lecture hall Rundbau and in the courtyard of the Institute of Physics.