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3G rule for in-person exams

Please note that since 25 August a 3G proof (vaccinated, recovered, or tested) is required for in-person exams (oral or sit-in examinations)!

Winter Term 2021/22

Courses start on 18 October. Please register all lecture courses you want to participate in via HISinOne. The institute plans to offer in-person courses whenever possible in the upcoming winter term 2021/22.

For in-person course participation, students will need to be in Freiburg during the winter term, and a "3G rule" (recovered, vaccinated, or tested) will be required. However, due to the difficulties inherent in repeated testing as well as the potential of reinfection, we kindly ask all students to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 before the start of the winter term in order to support our efforts to offer as many in-person courses as possible.

Furthermore, we ask all students to provide their contact details in HISinOne for the purpose of corona tracking (instructions can be found here).

Application for the Bachelor's Degree Programmes

Application and enrolment/matriculation for Mathematics is still possible until 8 October 2021 (in case ot the dual-major degree programme provided that the second subject has also open admission).

Freiburger Wissenschaftsmarkt

Die Mathematik ist auf dem virtuellen Freiburger Wissenschaftsmarkt vertreten: Folgen Sie diesem Link!