Preprints / Publications

Preprint Series of the Department of Mathematics in 2008

  • [08-01] C. Eilks, C. M. Elliott: Numerical simulation of dealloying by surface dissolution via the evolving surface finite element method.
  • [08-02] L. Diening, M. Ruzicka, J. Wolf: Existence of weak solutions for unsteady motions of generalized Newtonian fluids.
  • [08-03] E. Kuwert, Y. Li, R. Schätzle: The large genus limit of the infimum of the Willmore energy.
  • [08-04] C. Berselli, L. Diening, M. Ruzicka: Existence of strong solutions for incompressible fluids with shear dependent viscosities.
  • [08-05] B. Mößner: On the joint spectral radius of 2 x 2-matrices with equal spectral radius.
  • [08-06] L. Diening, M. Ruzicka, K. Schumacher: A decomposition technique for John domains.
  • [08-07] P. Pozzi: On the gradient flow for the anisotropic area functional.
  • [08-08] A. Dedner, R. Klöfkorn: Discontinuous Galerkin methods for convection dominated problems.
  • [08-09] C.-J. Heine: Finite element methods on unfitted meshes.
  • [08-10] L. Darnière, M. Junker: On Bellissima's construction of the finitely generated free Heyting algebras, and beyond.