Preprints / Publications

Preprint Series of the Department of Mathematics in 2007

  • [07-01] J. Bergenthum, L. Rüschendorf: On some convex ordering criteria for Lévy processes.
  • [07-02] L. Rüschendorf, M. A. Urusov: On a class of optimal stopping problems for diffusions with discontinuous coefficients.
  • [07-03] L. Diening, C. Kreuzer: Linear convergence of an adaptive finite element method for the p-Laplacian equation.
  • [07-04] K. Steinkamp, J. O. Schumacher, F. Goldsmith, M. Ohlberger, C. Ziegler: A non-isothermal PEM fuel cell model including two water transport mechanisms in the membrane.
  • [07-05] P. Morin, K.G. Siebert, A. Veeser: A basic convergence result for conforming adaptive finite elements.
  • [07-06] P. Morin, K.G. Siebert, A. Veeser: Convergence of finite elements adapted for weak norms.
  • [07-07] S. Goette, C. Zickert: The extended Bloch group and the Cheeger-Chern-Simons class.
  • [07-08] B. Mößner, U. Reif: Stability of B-splines on bounded domains.
  • [07-09] G. Dziuk, C. M. Elliott: An Eulerian level set method for partial differential equations on evolving surfaces.
  • [07-10] J. M. Cascon, C. Kreuzer, R. H. Nochetto, K. G. Siebert: Quasi-optimal convergence rate for an adaptive finite element method.
  • [07-11] R . Wallisser: Über einige diophantische Ungleichungen im Zusammenhang mit gewissen hypergeometrischen Reihen.
  • [07-12] P. Pozzi: Anisotropic mean curvature flow for two dimensional surfaces in higher codimension: a numerical scheme.
  • [07-13] G. Dziuk: Computational parametric Willmore flow.
  • [07-14] K. Deckelnick, G. Dziuk: Error analysis for the elastic flow of parametrized curves.
  • [07-15] C. Ritter: Die Klassen FPTM, BW[PM] und W[P]M über beliebigen Strukturen M.
  • [07-16] J. Hechler, B. Mößner, U. Reif: C1-Continuity of the Generalized Four-Point Scheme.
  • [07-17] B. Haasdonk, M. Ohlberger, G. Rozza: A reduced basis method for evolution schemes with parameter-dependent explicit operators.
  • [07-18] K. Deckelnick, G. Dziuk, C. M. Elliott, C.-J. Heine: An h-narrow band finite element method for elliptic equations on implicit surfaces.