Preprints / Veröffentlichungen

Preprintserie des Mathematischen Instituts im Jahr 2006

  • [06-01] L. Diening, S. Samko: Hardy inequality in variable exponent Lebesgue spaces.
  • [06-02] A. Demlow, G. Dziuk: An adaptive finite element method for the Laplace-Beltrami operator on implicitly defined surfaces.
  • [06-03] C. Burgert, L. Rüschendorf: On the optimal risk allocation problem.
  • [06-04] D. Wolke: Notizen zum Primzahl-Zwillingsproblem.
  • [06-05] C. Merkle, C. Rohde: The sharp-interface approach for fluids with phase change: Riemann problems and ghost fluid techniques.
  • [06-06] P. Pozzi: Anisotropic curve shortening flow in higher codimension.
  • [06-07] E. Kuwert, R. Schätzle: Branch points of Willmore surfaces.
  • [06-08] Y. Buttkewitz, D. Wolke: On the conjectured error term in the prime twin problem.
  • [06-09] G. Dziuk, C.M. Elliott: Surface finite elements for paparbolic equations.
  • [06-10] C. Riecke: L^infty -convergence of a linear finite element approximation for mean curvature flow.
  • [06-11] G. Dziuk, C.M. Elliott: Eulerian finite element method for parabolic PDES on implicit surfaces.
  • [06-12] B. Haasdonk, M. Ohlberger: Reduced basis method for finite volume approximations of parametrized evolution equations.