Preprints / Publications

Preprint Series of the Department of Mathematics in 2005

  • [05-01] A. Dedner, C. Makridakis, M. Ohlberger: Error control for a class of Runge Kutta Discontinuous Galerkin methods for nonlinear conservation laws.
  • [05-02] C. Burgert, L. Rüschendorf: Optimal consumption strategies under model uncertainty.
  • [05-03] C. Burgert, L. Rüschendorf: Allocation of risks and equilibrium in markets with finitely many traders.
  • [05-04] W. Bürger, E. Kuwert: Area-minimizing disks with free boundary and prescribed enclosed volume.
  • [05-05] L. Diening, P. Höstö: Variable exponent trace spaces.
  • [05-06] C. Burgert: Representation results for dynamic risk measures and applications.
  • [05-07] C. Burgert: A representation result for a dynamic risk measure.
  • [05-08] K. Deckelnick, G. Dziuk, C. M. Elliott: Computation of geometric partial differential equations and mean curvature flow.
  • [05-09] C. Burgert, L. Rüschendorf: Consistent risk measures for portfolio vectors.
  • [05-10] L. Diening, F. Ettwein: Fractional estiamtes for non-differentiable elliptic systems with general growth.
  • [05-11] G. Dziuk, C. M. Elliott: Finite elements on evolving surfaces.
  • [05-12] A. Demlow: Local a posteriori estimates for pointwise gradient errors in finite element methods for elliptic problems.
  • [05-13] A. Demlow: Weighted residual estimators for a posteriori estimation of pointwise gradient errors in quasilinear elliptic problems.
  • [05-14] L. Rüschendorf, E.-M. Schopp: Exponential bounds and tails for additive random recursive sequences.
  • [05-15] L. Rüschendorf, E.-M. Schopp: Exponential tail bounds for max-recursive sequences.